History of Matmazel

Matmazel was founded in Ankara in 1991. Since its inception, it has always maintained its own line and has adopted the principle of guiding fashion with its designs. Today, it  produce in Ankara and in a giant factory in Çerkezköy İstanbul. It brings bag lovers together with its store and franchise model with 26 stores in Türkiye, 15 stores in Albania, 1 store in Bulgaria, 1 store in Romania, 2 stores in Turkmenistan, in 1 store Kazakhstan, 1 store in Azerbaijan, 3 stores in USA. It offers a wide range to all bag enthusiasts with its e-commerce site, which is one of the most important tools in the digital world and allows to meet mademoiselle from all over the world. It serves to it’s domestic customers with www.matmazel.com and abroad customers with www.matmazelglobal.com. It designs and presents to its lovers nearly 10 new bags every week.

Who We Are

Starting with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, Mademoiselle appeals to women from all walks of life with its bag model from different categories. Matmazel, who has signed designs that have received a lot of admiration in World; gives her experience to colleagues and bag enthusiasts from different countries with her participation in International Mipel Fair in Milano Italy, International Aymod Fair in Istanbul and many international fairs. Matmazel, which expands its export network every day by making distributorship agreements with many countries, increases the number of stores and franchises and continues to carry out its work meticulously.

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